Military customs and courtesies that equal leadership

Basic military customs.

Do you know that the military has certain customs and courtesies that are mandated to be followed by all military personnel? If these customs are broken, the violator may be subjected to the military penal code.

The structure of the military is based off of the basic platoon structure. In a platoon, there is a platoon leader, who is an officer and a platoon sergeant, who is usually a non-commissioned officer, otherwise known as an enlisted soldier. There are four squads in a platoon. Each squad is led by a squad leader. The members in each squad answer to the squad leader, the squad leader to the platoon sergeant and the platoon sergeant to the platoon leader. Information gets disseminated from the top down.

Officers are addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am” any time they are spoken to. It is customary for low ranking soldiers and officers to render a salute to high ranking officers. If a colonel or general enter a building or room, it is customary for the first person that sees them to announce, “At ease!” very loudly so that everyone can hear. After hearing “at ease,” everyone must stop what they are doing, close their mouth and stand at ease. This means to stand with your legs shoulder width apart with your arms behind your back and the palms of your hands on top of one another.

Every member of the military also has a battle buddy. This means anytime you do anything, you have a buddy always there with you. It is a method used for accountability in which two soldiers rely on one another.

Military members are held to the upmost values which are leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Together the values stand for leadership (LDRSHIP). It is with these LDRSHIP values that American soldiers strive to lead our country.

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