Michigan’s floriculture industry has “flower power”

The United States Department of Agriculture’s 2010 summary shows that Michigan is a leader in the production of floriculture crops.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) 2010 summary shows that Michigan is a leader in the production of floriculture crops.  

Compared to 2009, the 2010 wholesale value of floriculture crops increased 3 percent. The voluntary survey includes growers of floriculture crops with $10,000 or more in annual gross sales in fifteen program states. All it takes is a trip to a local nursery or garden center to capture the variety, color, diversity and strength of Michigan’s floriculture industry. Here you will find flats of annuals in every color and size; hanging baskets and containers that will do well in sunny and shady environments and potted perennials that offer long lasting foliage and blooms.

In order of wholesale figures, the top five states were California, Florida, Michigan, Texas and North Carolina. These five states accounted for $2.75 Billion or 66% of the 15-state total value. Michigan’s 625 operations accounted for 10% of the total wholesale value in the United States. Wholesale sales of $402,689,000 in 2010 represent an $8 million increase over 2009 values!

Just how does Michigan earn this third place ranking when it comes to wholesale values?

Starting with annual bedding/garden plants, Michigan is a true performer, ranking 2nd overall and this is due in part to the following wholesale statistics for flats, hanging baskets and potted flowers:


  • 1st for flats of petunias, geraniums from seed and impatiens
  • 2nd for flats of begonias, geraniums from cuttings and marigolds

Hanging baskets

  • 1st in for begonias, geraniums from cuttings, impatiens and petunia hanging baskets
  • 2nd for hanging baskets of geraniums from seed, New Guinea impatiens and marigolds
  • 3rd for hanging baskets of pansies

''Potted flowering plants

  • 1st for potted geraniums from seed and petunias
  • 2nd for other potted flowering and foliar plants
  • 3rd for potted geraniums from cuttings and for vegetable type plants

When it comes to herbaceous perennial plants, Michigan ranks 3rd in wholesale value and this is largely due to ranking 2nd in value of all sales for wholesale hardy/garden chrysanthemums and 3rd for plants sold as other herbaceous perennials.

Michigan’s 2nd place finish in total bedding/garden plants is also supported by a 1st place finish for wholesale potted Easter lilies and a 2nd place finish for potted flowering plants sold as spring flowering bulbs.

When it comes to wholesale floriculture crops, Michigan is blooming. The complete USDA summary of 2010 floriculture crop production can be found on the USDA website here.

A special “thank you” to Dr. Eric Runkle, Department of Horticulture, for his review.

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