Michigan winters and being safe outside

Consider layers, hands and feet and the temperatures before you head outside.

Although the January thaw may have us dreaming of summer fun, we still have plenty of winter to get through. There’s no need to keep snug inside - bundle up and head outside. When you do head outside, Michigan State University Extension wants you to stay safe while being active. To keep yourself healthy and safe while getting your physical activity outside, keep the following in mind.


Dressing in layers is essential. If you begin to sweat you can remove a layer, but put it back on if needed. Next, dress with a layer that wicks sweat away from your body and will keep you warm. A waterproof layer may be necessary as well.


Dressing the core of your body in layers will allow you to adjust to your body’s temperature change. Don’t leave your hands, feet or ears out in the cold. Where gloves lined with fleece, warm socks that wick moisture and a hat or earwarmers.


Check the weather. Be prepared to keep yourself dry. If you get wet you may not be able to stay warm enough. Wind chill and temperatures of zero degree and below should promote extra precautions, it may eb necessary at this temperatute to take the activity inside.

 The import thing to remember is that you don’t have to be stuck in the gym on a treadmill all winter long. Get out and enjoy the rare moments of sunshine and don’t forget, even in the winter you will need to apply sunscreen.

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