Michigan State University and the Product Center give “Barrier Buster” award to Morano Foods

Michigan’s premier Specialty Food Show bestows food business award to Greg Morano.

A Barrier Buster Award was given to Greg Morano during the Making it in Michigan Specialty Food trade show on November 12, 2013, held at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Mich. An award ceremony was held during the lunch hour honoring Morano for his work as a food entrepreneur and for busting barriers to the marketplace. The award ceremony included an introduction video and award presentation. The event was free to attend and was held at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.

The Barrier Buster Award was granted to Morano Foods of Muskegon, Mich. for busting the product saturation barrier. Greg Morano has worked with the MSU Product Center to develop tactical marketing to overcome competition and to increase distribution within the state. Morano Foods is a Michigan-based company that offers its genuine Italian sauces to restaurants, markets, stores as well as direct-to-consumer online sales. In addition, the company offers a pizza sauce. The company’s products are now in 300 Michigan retail stores, restaurants and available online.

Greg Morano received one of four separate awards. All of the award winners were recognized as part of the Making it in Michigan, the only premier specialty food trade show in Michigan. The trade show is a compilation of a marketplace for producers to sell their products to grocery buyers, an educational component that delivers classes from marketing to regulation and a formal conference and expert speakers. This year’s keynote speaker was Tim McIntyre from Domino’s Pizza. The event was hosted by Michigan State University and the MSU Product Center, partner of Michigan State University Extension and MSU AgBioResearch.

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