Michigan 4-H encourages leadership and career skills

Michigan 4-H provides a resource for teen leaders to develop leadership skills and real-world career skills.

Leadership is important for youth development. This educational subject can be taught as a general subject and the benefits of learning leadership skills can be transferred to other areas for youth development. Leadership skills learned by youth can be utilized in career preparation. 

Michigan 4-H Youth Development offers resources for adults to teach and train youth in leadership development. For example, 4-H Teen Leadership is a leadership guide that allows 4-H teen leaders to put leadership into practice through serving in their 4-H Club, putting together a leadership project, creating a portfolio and writing a resume. In this guide, 4-H adult leaders have a responsibility to guide the 4-H teen leader in the project. The responsibility of the adult leader is important for the teen leader to get the most out of this experience. This process of developing the leadership skills in a 4-H teen leader facilitates a youth and adult partnership.

Here are some leadership skills that can be used for career preparation from the 4-H Teen Leadership guide:

  • Teamwork and shared responsibility working with adults
  • Planning and implementing a project
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Writing a resume

Youth will use some, if not all, of the skills related to teamwork, shared responsibility, planning and implementing a project in their future careers. Youth will use the skills learned in creating a portfolio and writing resume to get a job and start a career. It is important to document the skills learned from this type of leadership activity. Depending on the project of the leadership activity, youth will gain different skills. The Action Verbs Handout (from Michigan 4-H Youth Development) provides assistance to help document the skills learned from a leadership activity or any activity youth participate in for their resume and portfolio.

For utilizing additional resources to prepare for a current or future career from the 4-H Teen Leadership experience, there are additional resources for portfolios and writing resumes from Michigan 4-H Youth Development on the following website: Before the Job Search (Portfolios, Resumes & References).

4-H Teen Leadership provides a format for youth and adults to utilize opportunities for leadership and career preparation.  This program helps youth gain skills to be leaders in their community and skills for employment.

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