Make your next office party an event that celebrates everyone’s health goals

For your next office party or potluck lunch have fun planning an event that puts the focus on a delicious and healthy menu that supports your colleagues’ efforts to eat smart.

Most co-workers seek out opportunities to gather together and share a potluck lunch, party or holiday event. Celebrating together is great fun and builds morale, but take note if your office festivities are counter-productive to you, or your colleagues’ healthy eating goals. It takes awareness and a positive approach to begin to shift the focus on ordering or preparing delicious nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables,low-fat dairy and whole grains for your next work place gathering.

It is natural to chat with co-workers about our lives; the topics of nutrition, weight loss and getting enough daily exercise probably come up often. Having the support and encouragement within your work environment can make a big difference in sticking to your personal health goals.

A report that was just released by the Trust for American’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that more than 31 percent of Michigan adults are obese. That doesn’t include the percentage of adults who are in the overweight category. Sadly across America adults are continuing to move from overweight status into obesity. Staggering statistics like this should stop us and make us realize what we eat during the work day contributes to our overall daily calories, and might be sabotaging our progress. Don’t let your workplace meals and parties continue to contribute to this negative trend.

Be a positive change agent for healthier parties and snacks in your workplace. Start slow – it would be rare that you wouldn’t meet some opposition as you transition to lighter, healthier food choices. Small changes can be really beneficial. Consider serving no- or low-calorie beverages. Be the person who brings the fabulous tray of fruits, veggies and hummus.

Awareness is not about criticism –it’s about discovery. Let the food facts labels help guide your next party planning committee. A positive approach that values and supports the health of co-workers might just make your workplace a much healthier place.

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