Make sure your greenhouse facility is ready for new employees

Revisit your central notification area and training material for worker protection standards.

I have this really obnoxious habit of looking for greenhouse’s central notification areas, and as most of you know, I usually find something missing or nothing at all. I get the “attitude.” However, I always say, “better me than someone else.” This quick worker protection standard check-list of requirements will help jog your memory at what’s needed to comply with the laws.

For training employees under the worker protection standards rules and regulation, Gempler’s has all the teaching material, pesticide signage, and central notification signs needed for compliance. The training of employees and handlers can be conducted using the audiovisual material or orally – there are flip charts available to guide you through making sure all the important information is covered. To help keep track of who was trained and when, I recommend you develop an employee signoff document that indicates they have been trained and then keep a copy in their personnel file. Employees are required to be trained only once every five years.

Remember that EPA sets the standards and Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has authority to regulate the laws. For additional information, visit EPA’s webpage on worker protection standards.

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