Learn to save, spend and grocery shop wisely

For many, food dollars never go far enough. Use these strategies to ensure that you are shopping smart and getting the most out of your money.

Food dollars whether spent at grocery stores, convenient stores or restaurants makes up an average of 1/3 of an individual’s or family’s budget. Realizing this making the most of each shopping trip can make your dollars go farther and improve the nutrient content of what is purchased.

  • Use a list and menu plan – focused shopping will help you avoid impulse buys and sales tactics. Planning a week’s meals will help you make the most out of ingredients.
  • Purchase from the perimeter – meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs and whole grains are typically found around the outer edges of stores and make up the majority of nutrient needs.
  • Compare unit prices – bulk is not always best and neither is national brand name. Take the time to see per unit prices on the shelves to get the best value.
  • Stock up on staples – having basic cooking items on hand will stretch over several meals and can leave the fresh ingredients for weekly shopping trips.

Making the most of dollars spent is something everyone can benefit from. Over time, these tips can become habit – and along with stretching dollars – will ultimately save time in the store, while keeping the pantry and refrigerator stocked.

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