Learn to eat healthy, lose weight and save money

Nutrition and physical activity education is just what the doctor ordered so call your local MSU Extension office today and sign up for our next class. It’s free for eligible callers.

Some of the most common personal ambitions may include eating healthy, losing weight, or saving money. These are admirable goals, but sometimes difficult to achieve. Recent research suggests that taking a nutrition and physical activity class by your local MSU Extension office may be just what the doctor has ordered!

MSU Extension classes take the adult learner into consideration. We know that adult learners come to class with a wide variety of experiences and knowledge. We also know that few of us enjoy boring lectures, but learn best with small-group activities. MSU Extension nutrition and physical activity classes do more than just teach. The lessons learned have proven to help people not only eat better, but people have also reported losing weight and saving money at the grocery store! For example, to help maintain a healthy weight, become conscious of your portion sizes. They have gotten larger over the years. So, portion control is a key factor in achieving a healthy weight. Larger portions often mean consuming more calories than you need. So, become aware of recommended serving sizes for your body and eat only what you need. To help your wallet, did you know that you can save money every time you shop by eating BEFORE you go shopping? You can reduce your grocery bill by getting in the habit of making a shopping list. You can also save by shopping for “loss leaders”. Loss leaders are items that a store prices below cost in order to get people into the store to buy other things. In one lesson we cover over 20 money saving activities. 

In a recent study conducted by Cornell University, participants in their nutrition and physical activity classes were surveyed. They were asked what would make this type of class more desirable to take. The top four responses were:

  1. More or longer sessions
  2. Flexibility of times and make-up sessions
  3. More follow-up or encouragement
  4. Having the option to have more detail on topics of interest.

MSU Extension is listening to this research along with the most current nutrition and physical activity information that affects our health. Take a moment to call your local MSU Extension office today and ask about the next nutrition and physical activity class! You will be glad you did! Call 888-MSUE-4MI (888-678-3464).

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