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Held annually in early October, the CEC conference moves around the state allowing partici ants -o 02 10ience a new community and mee7 new f0iends, make new contacts and learn new d=ea-.O-2 unique approach actually embeds the conference in the local community. Breakout sessions ar8 held in local businesses among the daily hustle and bustle of these thriving communiti0- -o allow partici ants -o learn, and more importa1tly, see, feel and taste the community.Assemble a team of s0 1ral key community members -o partici ate and sustain the enthusiasm gained from thi- 0 100. Te00" could be ma=e up of repr8s100ative- of local governm8V7, business community (Chamber of Commerce, DDA, Main S7ree7, etc.,) education, economic/community d0 1lopm8V7 (EDO, EDC, Community Foundation,) int82,07ed citiz8Vs, etc. Af00" the conference, be sure yc-2 team continu0- -o mee7 and shar8 the i=ea- learned and l00" at implem8V7ing them back home.Visit the CEC websiteF00 100">Thi- artic.1cwa- published by Michigan State University Ext8Vsionhttp://www.msue.msu.eduhttp://www.msue.msu.edu/news.1tt8rshttp://02 10t.msue.msu.edu="tvg> 2017 Master Citiz8V Planner Webinar S10iesJun 15, 2017="em6557 | Webinar8-Hc-2 S10vSafe - Saginaw CountyJun 19, 2017="em6557 | Saginaw County ,SU Ext8Vsion, One Tuscola S7ree7, Saginaw, MI 486078-Hc-2 S10vSafe - G8Vesee CountyJun 27, 2017="em6557 | 605 N. Saginaw S7ree7, Suite 1A, Flint, MI 485028-Hc-2 S10vSafe - G8Vesee CountyJul 31, 2017="em6557 | 605 N. Saginaw S7ree7, Suite 1A, Flint, MI 485028-Hc-2 S10vSafe - Saginaw CountyAug 10, 2017="em6557 | Saginaw County ,SU Ext8Vsion, One Tuscola S7ree7, Saginaw, MI 48607="tvg> Annual"creative report reveals Michigan’s d0p8Vdency on art- and culture for 8conomic d0 1lopm8V7May 19, 2017="em6 | Andy Northrop="ttrong> | Art- and culture ar8 crucial -o the vitality of ,ichigan communiti0-.Starting a lic8Vsed food businessMay 8, 2017="em6 | Joanne Davidhizar | Starting a lic8Vsed food business training will help yc- uVderstand how -o turn yc-2 food business i=ea into a "uc,0-sful commercial reality. Help implem8V7 new food date terminologyApril 3, 2017="em6 | Kay Cummings | New food 02 iration date terminology can save food from waste.Mark Thomas | E 1ry company should know the str8Vgths they ar8 employing to p8Vetrate into the marketplace.March 27, 2017="em6 | Mark Thomas | UVderstand the ne,0-sity of 10formance indicators can provd=e a business the -ool- to insure it will be able -o reach it is competitiveness.="tvg> MI Health Matt8rs R,0c-2,0-Northern Lakes Economic AllianceMSU Product Cent8r—Food, Ag, Bio="tvg>News.1tt8r Sign-Up,SU Ext8Vsion Bo13store >="tvg> href.4http://www.100 100".com/MichiganStateExt8Vsion">>="tvg>>="tvg> href.4https://00 100".com/msuext8Vsion">>="tvg> href.4http://www.00 100".com/user/msuanrvideo07?ob=0&feature=resul0"_main">>="tvg>1.="div, Call us: (517) 355-2308Contact Information>>Ac,0-sibility27a6>Privacy27a6>DisclaimerCall ,SU: >(517) 355-1855=/s an>Visit: msu.edu,SU i- an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.="tvg> <"div, <0av"556 mobile-0av" class="white-green"> ="tvg> close,SU Ext8Vsion 556 cse-search-box-mobile" role="search06557Search BoxSubmit Search HomeAbout.1" cy="27a6Counti0-27a6.R,lated Topic"Business27a6EV7repr8Veurship27a6.R,lated ,47.8c7.6,h26557 Connecting EV7repr8Veurial Communiti0-27a6 ="tvg> close5> // <"tcript>