Label changes of some fumigants means more vegetable growers could need fumigant certification

Do you need a Fumigation Certification added to your Private Pesticide Certification? More vegetable growers may need to take this step in the future.

Recent changes in the labels of a couple of fumigants that are commonly used by vegetable growers will mean that growers who could purchase some products previously with only a Private Pesticide Certification will need to either take and pass the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MDARD) commodity fumigation test or hire a custom applicator to apply these fungicides. Changes to the labels of the materials of 1,3 Dichloropropene/chloropicrin (Telone C35), Metam Sodium (Sectagon-K54, Vapam HL) and Potassium N-methylidithiocarbamate (Sectagon-K54) mean that in order to buy these products a soil fumigant certification will be required.

Growers have adequate time to obtain the correct certification before the growing season begins. Exams are offered locally in many counties during the winter and spring seasons. To find one near you, call your local MSU Extension office or visit the MDARD website and click on “pesticide exam schedule” to download a list of exams. Since test participants are now required to register for tests online, this site is also the where your registration for a specific exam can be done.

Before you take the test, be sure to buy and read the associated study manual. MSU Extension Bulletin E-2579, “The Commodity Fumigation Training Manual,” is available from some local MSU Extension offices at a cost of $9.25 per copy. If the study manual is not available locally, it can be ordered at the MSU Extension Bookstore at the same cost plus shipping.

If you don’t own or can’t rent a fumigation applicator, custom application services are available in many of the larger vegetable growing areas. Local chemical dealers should be able to help growers find the nearest commercial applicator qualified to apply the fungicide they need.

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