Jump Into Foods and Fitness with youth

Looking for some fun hands-on activities to do with third through fifth graders on the topic of nutrition, fitness and food safety? Then the Jump Into Foods and Fitness (JIFF) curriculum is for you!

The Jump Into Foods and Fitness (JIFF) curriculum is used across the state and country in many different ways to teach youth about nutrition, fitness and food safety. One way the curriculum is used is through after school programs. It also can be used in classroom settings as a series of eight lessons. This curriculum comes with a pre and post evaluation, as well as newsletters for parents.

4-H Club meetings are a great place to work with kids around the topic of nutrition, fitness and food safety. JIFF curriculum is packed with fun hands-on activities that can be done together or separately over a span of a few meetings. It is user-friendly and takes the “learning by doing” model of 4-H and puts it into action.

Each lesson uses the 4-H Experience Learning Model as a framework to help youth learn from their experiences by providing questions around “Do, reflect and apply.” Adults and teens working with youth allow youth the freedom to talk about what they experience.

The eight lesson titles are:

Kangaroo Jump 1: Pyramids for Health

Kangaroo Jump 2: Go the Distance with Grains

Kangaroo Jump 3: High Five for Health

Kangaroo Jump 4: Moving & Motion

Kangaroo Jump 5: Power up the Day

Kangaroo Jump 6: On the Go

Kangaroo Jump 7: Choices for Good Health

Kangaroo Jump 8: Celebrating JIFF

JIFF was developed in partnership with Michigan State University Extension’s Children, Youth and Family Programs and the MSU Department of Kinesiology. This curriculum has been updated and reviewed after new dietary guidelines were released.

To obtain a copy of this curriculum, visit the MSU Extension Bookstore and search for JIFF. To learn more about 4-H and MSU Extension programming around nutrition education and food safety, visit your local MSU Extension office.

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