“Interviews for Success” workshop helps youth prepare for job interviews

Michigan State University Extension educators recently presented an “Interviews for Success” workshop to the 125 students in the Three Rivers High School Class of 2012.

“First impressions are very important,”stated a Three Rivers High School senior regarding the recent “Interviews for Success” workshop.

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension educators from the Career Exploration and Workforce Preparation work group recently presented the 90-minute “Interviews for Success” workshop for the 125 students in the Three Rivers High School Class of 2012.  This school enrichment program was requested by the staff of the high school in hopes that the workshop would help prepare students for their upcoming senior interviews with community members.  Senior interviews are used to give the students a real interview experience and feedback prior to graduation for future reference.

This program served as an example of how a community organization (MSU Extension) can support national Career Technical Education (CTE) standards and expectations for teachers to involve community in career exploration lessons. For many people, interviewing can be a stressful experience.  The goals of the “Interviews for Success” workshop were for participants to learn about why interviews matter, interview preparation, the perfect business handshake, the 30-second pitch and being more confident in an interview.

In addition to a PowerPoint presentation, the youth received the handouts that included:

  • The Perfect Business Handshake
  • Creating Your Professional Pitch
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Winning Job Interviews

Following the workshop, completed evaluations indicated that:

  • 94.4 percent knew why interviews matter  
  • 93.5 percent knew how to prepare and dress for an interview  
  • 91.6 percent understood what was meant by the perfect business handshake
  • 93.5 percent felt prepared to give a 30-second introduction of him or herself
  • 76.8 percent were more confident about their next interview opportunity

This content will be included as part of the 4-H Exploration Days session number214 – “I Got the Job!  Resumes and Interviews That Work.”   Youth participants will learn how to write a resume and participate in mock interviews with professionals.

For the above mentioned resources and other materials related to interviewing, visit the MSU Extension 4-H website.

Pictured: Seniors at Three Rivers High School practice the perfect business handshake. March 22, 2012.

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