Impact of 2011 Integrated Crop and Pest Management Update on Michigan agribusinesses

A program evaluation revealed 70 percent of participants will change their 2012 production practices based on educational information received at this event. This change will impact 224,200 acres and have a potential net economic gain of $12 per acre.

The 12th consecutive Integrated Crop and Pest Management Update for Michigan agribusinesses was held on December 16, 2011, at the MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education. There were 306 participants representing Michigan seed, fertilizer and pesticide dealerships, spray service providers, crop consultants and farmers. The speakers were MSU faculty and Extension educators. The topics were focused on 2012 MSU Extension recommendations for insects, diseases, weeds and fertilizers for Michigan field crops. The timing of this event provided adequate time for companies to make year-end bulk purchasing and sales decisions.

A program evaluation following the session revealed that 70 percent of participants will change their 2012 production management practices based on the information they received at the event. This change will affect 224,200 acres. The net economic gain in terms of increased revenue or added savings that would potentially result from changing to new practices would be $12 per acre.

The successful outcome of this event, as reflected by its growing attendance and potential short- and long-term impacts on Michigan agriculture, could be attributed to the up-to-date research-based recommendations that MSU Extension is able to generate and deliver every year to agribusiness audiences. Thanks to our funders and the excellent collaboration and recognition we receive from Michigan commodity groups, Michigan Agribusiness Association and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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