Hire and train the right employee for the job

Good employees will make the entrepreneur’s job less stressful and more productive.

Hiring the right employee for the right job is hard work. Michigan State University Extension educators have made the common mistake of hiring an employee who was under qualified for a job. Save yourself the stress and read about how you can avoid a similar experience in your business. Hiring the right person for your organization or business is a valuable skill to learn.

The following is an example of someone who was hired but lacked the employable skills necessary for the position.  A delivery driver was hired to deliver finished products to a business’s customers. The employer failed to ask this man in the interview the appropriate questions such as if he was had good customer service skills or if he properly knew how to properly deliver and handle packages.

The employer asked the man about his driving record, how well he knows the area and where his favorite hidden parking places were downtown. He failed to ask about his capacity to deal with customers in a friendly, professional and caring manner. Almost as soon as he was hired, the manager was getting complaints that the driver was unprofessional and not friendly with the customers and he refused to stock the customer’s shelves, which was part of his job description. One customer reported that the employee smelled like alcohol. The employee was fired, but he brought suit for wrongful termination because he actually had made all the deliveries.

Employers need to also make sure that their employees are properly trained for their position and that they are confident with their responsibilities.  Hiring is not an easy thing to do. However, there are strategies to avoid getting the wrong person in the wrong position. Hire the right person and experience a big payoff with less turnover, higher productivity and better customer service.

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