Healthy living resources available for youth

Michigan 4-H offers resources to help promote healthy habits among youth.

Healthy living resources available for youth

Are the youth around you into healthy habits? Are they physically fit? Are they selecting healthy choices when you see them eating? If the answer to any of these is no, or you want to figure out a way to promote healthy habits among the youth you engage with, then check out the following 4-H healthy living resources.

The 4-H Moving Michigan Facebook page lets you explore and learn about the different things going on in the Michigan State University Extension Healthy Living Programs area. The 4-H Food, Healthy and Well-being website covers topics on healthy eating, increased physical fitness and personal safety. Youth, adults, educators and volunteers can navigate this site to learn more about these topics and how to incoporate this lifestyle into everyday life settings. You can also learn about the many opportunites you can get involved in to help increase your awareness in these areas through our direct programming held throughout the state.

There is also a healthy living resource page to help guide you on lesson planning, attending a training or learning more about different topics in the healthy living area. Visit the 4-H Food, Healthy and Well-being website and explore the opportunities and possibilities of incoporating helathy living into your program or club. MSU Extension wants you to know that 4-H Grows Here.

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