Healthy holiday treat alternatives for kid’s

Tips on healthy holiday strategies and alternative goodies for kids.

The holiday season is among us, with it comes special holiday treats for family members and friends to celebrate and show their love. Children enjoy munching on their favorite holiday cookies, candies and other special treats which are loaded with fat and sugar. Michigan State University Extension recommends parents minimize how many unhealthy treats their children eat during the holiday season by having some strategies and alternative healthy snacks in place. Snack ideas (for adults too) include:

Concerned about all the sugary snacks during the classroom party? Be involved with your child’s party and provide fresh fruits like fruit kabobs, veggies with a tasty low–fat dip, fruit-yogurt parfaits, low-fat granola bars and fruit smoothies. You can promote a healthier school environment by providing healthy snacks for your child’s classroom parties.

Veggies on the table