Have you thought about raising worms as a business?

There are many options for youth looking for ways to earn some money and learn about starting their own business, including worm farming.

Michigan 4-H hosts 4-H Exploration Days each June on the campus of Michigan State University. This annual precollege program attracts about 2.500 youth and adult participants from across Michigan. During 4-H Exploration Days, youth have the chance to develop valuable skills, make new friends, have fun and a whole lot more. Michigan State University Extension encourages youth to sign up for the more than 200 learning options to choose from. From hands-on performing arts, outdoor adventure, science and technology, shooting sports, money management and entrepreneurship, youth will receive information to take back home and share with others in their 4-H clubs.

A class offered under the Business and Entrepreneurship section is, “The Business and Biology of Worm Farming.” Whether you want to sell worms as bait or create awesome organic compost, youth will want to learn how to do it the smart way. There will be an opportunity for participants to build their own starter farm, examine an established worm farm, learn about the biology and care of worms, and talk about worm farm maintenance and troubleshooting. Youth will also work on a business plan focused around their worm farm and the products it could produce. This session is five hours of learning.

“Lemonade Stand Businesses – Are You Serious,” is offered to youth 14-19-years-old. Remember the days of setting up a lemonade stand when you were younger? This is a more in-depth class to learn how to start and operate your own lemonade stand and use the business process for future entrepreneurial projects.

Another Business and Entrepreneurship class offering is called, “Marketing Your 4-H Livestock Project.” This class will teach youth how to grow the potential of their livestock project as they discover tricks of the trade for marketing animals; different business strategies will be taught. A field trip to the MSU Beef Teaching and Research Center is part of this class which youth will get to experience. Youth will also test their skills on the Reality Farm – a fun, hands-on record-keeping game.

For more information about MSU Extension and 4-H Exploration Days, contact your local MSU Extension office.

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