Halloween treats: Try something new this year

The “treats” you hand out at your door this Halloween can be healthier and more creative than ever, and your house may be the one that gets added to the list of favorite stops.

Halloween is just around the corner and that means time for all types of superheroes, ghosts and princesses to descend on your door step. The annual community search for treats has often resulted in bags filled with every type of candy and other sweet treat imaginable. While there is nothing wrong with a little candy now and then, rising childhood obesity rates in Michigan give us reason to be creative and consider alternatives for trick-or-treaters this year.

Treats don’t have to be edible and there is a lot of room for personal creativity. One idea might be to make bags of homemade play dough or silly putty. Of course you could check out your local dollar or party stores for commercially-made small containers of play dough, bubbles or even jump ropes. Other ideas include stickers, tattoos, small puzzles or even books.

When my own children were young, one of their favorite Halloween stops was at a house that handed out new toothbrushes every year. It was one of the first places they always wanted to go. Halloween trick-or-treating can be fun, safe and healthy. A little creativity and thinking outside the box can make it happen in your neighborhood, and don’t be surprised if you end up starting a new trend.

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