Good food, smart budget

MSU Extension nutrition programs assist in the keeping money in people’s pockets.

Michigan State University Extension provides a variety of health and nutrition education programing throughout the state. Programs focus on good nutrition, physical activity, stretching food dollars and food safety. Health and nutrition program offerings cover the lifespan and include Show Me Nutrition curriculum for youth ages preschool through eighth grade, Eating Right is Basic and Cooking Matters, both group series for teens and adults, and Eat Smart, Live Strong which is a group series for older adults.

MSU Extension nutrition education programs are free of cost for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. Upon graduation from the programs, participants receive a certificate of completion and educational incentives such as cookbooks. During the programs participants may go on grocery store tours, learn to read food labels and discover new ways to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Physical activity is also an important part of MSU Extension programs and is incorporated into each program.

The MSU Extension website has a category specifically for food and health, which offers a large inventory of articles with topics ranging from food budgeting, food preservation, chronic disease, diabetes, safe food and water, weight management as well as low cost classic snack ideas that are sure to please young and old alike!

Health and nutrition programming is available throughout the entire state from MSU Extension. To find a local program that meets your specific needs and is located near you contact your local MSU Extension office. MSU Extension health and nutrition programs are designed to help save participants money, educate about nutrition and empower individuals and families with the knowledge of food safety and improved shopping techniques.

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