Frozen turkey for Thanksgiving

If you didn’t get your turkey thawed for your Thanksgiving feast, don’t worry you can cook it frozen.

You may have heard that you can cook a frozen turkey, but is it really safe to do so? The answer is yes, you can safely roast an unstuffed turkey even if it’s not thawed, it just takes longer, obviously.

To determine the correct cooking time, look at a timetable for oven-roasting a whole unstuffed turkey. Then cook the turkey for that amount of time plus 50 percent. For example, a thawed 12 to 14 pound turkey needs to be cooked three to 3 ¾ hours, compared to a frozen turkey that needs approximately 4 ½ to five hours to cook.

Roasting frozen turkey helps prevent cross contamination. You don’t have to worry about bacteria from the raw juices contaminating your kitchen as you handle the turkey before cooking. Cooking turkey from the frozen state produces an excellent, juicy, tender and safe product. 

Here are a few suggestions when cooking your frozen turkey:

If your turkey is partially frozen and partially thawed, it is perfectly safe to cook it that way too. Just remember that you need to add extra time to get it done to 165 degrees.