Free analysis of wheat samples from Michigan

Michigan Wheat Program has provided funds for the diagnostic evaluation of wheat samples by MSU’s Diagnostic Services during the 2013 growing season.

The new Michigan Wheat Program board has committed to cover the expenses of analyzing wheat samples delivered to the MSU Diagnostic Services laboratory at Michigan State University. The purpose is to help farmers and agribusiness personnel determine the cause of poorly performing wheat. In addition, it will help Michigan State University Extension educators and researchers discover which disease and insect pests are being found in the state.

Samples should include the entire plant – top and roots. If participants feel it would be helpful, they can include healthy as well as unhealthy plants. In addition, photos of the field can be included and submitted. Samples can be mailed or delivered to:

Diagnostic Services
578 Wilson Road
East Lansing, MI 48824-6469

Directions for collecting and submitting wheat sample are provided in a one page document. In addition, the standard form should accompany the wheat sample.

Funds provided will cover general health analysis, culturing for fungal and bacterial pathogens, virus testing, nematode analysis, and detection and identification of insect pests. View the instructions for sampling and submitting wheat samples in order to best take advantage of this opportunity.

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