Food and social media

Sharing your meal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Lately, I’ve gone to a restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal, to find that either the people I’m sharing dinner with or other patrons at the restaurant are taking photographs of their food and sharing it on some type of social media. I’ve since learned and then followed suit and shared a photograph or two of a meal I thought was really good. When discussing this behavior with my friends and family, especially the young adults who are friends of my children and restaurant owners, I’ve learned that this is a common practice. Not only are people sharing restaurant dishes, but dishes at home and those at visiting friend’s homes.

With this social media trend, it is changing the way restaurants are marketing the food we eat. Here are some growing insights Michigan State University Extension thought were worth sharing, of the impact on food and social media and the awareness we need to learn and create.

For restaurants:

For everyday cooks:

Food and social media are now married to each other and we are the children. You can’t live without it and we can’t live with it. We will always follow along whether we want to or not and to a certain extent, it will force us to grow with them whether we want to or not.