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Learn how to select, use, store and preserve Michigan produce with help from Michigan Fresh.

Michigan State University Extension has a great web based resource for information on selecting, using, preserving and storing Michigan’s fruits and vegetables. There are a variety of fact sheets that can be downloaded or ordered from the Michigan State University Extension bookstore.

If you are looking for information on Michigan fruits the following are available;

The following Michigan vegetables are available;

The following are available in Spanish;

Another resource on this site is the Michigan Produce Availability chart created by the Center for Regional Food Systems, a key partner of MSU Extension. The chart provides a great visual of when produce is field fresh and when it is in storage and still available for consumption.

Consider purchasing Michigan produce when it is field fresh and preserving it for later use. These fact sheets provide step-by-step instruction on preserving by canning and or freezing. It is important to use research-based recipes for preserving to ensure the safety and quality of the product. MSU Extension has educators located in county based offices who can answer your food preservation questions.

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