Even old dogs can learn new tricks: Come to Great Lakes Expo

2011 Great Lakes Expo December 6-8 at DeVos Place, Grand Rapids. What better place to sharpen your knowledge and learn something new?

##I sat through a lecture recently on learning, more specifically cognitive learning. Dr. Geoff Norman explained that there are several methods of learning and how that knowledge is transferred to a state of utilization. So in my laymen terms, there are many different ways to obtain information, such as participating in a “class room setting,” where the information is being delivered via lecture or by direct information from reading; and much of what you learn by these methods is stored in your memory. Of course, the more you are familiar with a subject, the easier it is to understand. When an experience or application is added to the category, the basic concepts and examples are even better understood. This sounds all good, but to actually master something, you work at it day-after-day, week-after-week, and then reach that potential after years.

Why am I sharing this with you? Since listening to the lecture I want to propose a great method of learning for you and your co-workers on topics that you already have some familiarity and experience with. Attend the 2011 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo, which is held in coordination with the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Farm Market Expo. At this conference, you can experience new concepts (unfamiliar categories), sharpen existing procedures and practices (familiar categories), and see what is new or better by viewing the trade show exhibits. This show utilizes all your senses, yes I said all: taste (sampling jams and smoothies), smell (freshly made donuts), sight (colorful displays of new and unique plant material) touch (interactive exhibits), and of course sound (listen to presentations on a wide range of production and marketing practices).

Visit the Expo’s website for more information and register by November 11 to save money.

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