EPA grants specific exemption for Movento®

Here are guidelines and the Section 18 notice allowing use of Movento® on Michigan onions to control onion thrips through September 30, 2011.

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted specific exemption for the use of Movento® (spirotetramat) on onions in Michigan to control onion thrips in 2011. Movento® does not control thrips adults effectively, so feeding by adult thrips in Movento®-treated plots late in the season can result in damage. Thus, the use of Movento® should occur earlier in the season, when immature life stages are more abundant.

No more than two applications are permitted per acre per season. Movento® can only be applied at one specific rate under this exemption: 5 fluid ounces/acre. Minimum interval between applications is 7 days, and two consecutive applications are recommended for insecticide resistance management purposes. Pre- harvest interval is 7 days. Please see the Section 18 notice and note that the expiration date is Sept. 30, 2011.

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