Energy drinks may have dangerous effects on youth

Are energy drinks safe for youth? Explore this subject and learn about healthy alternatives.

Youth participating in regular physical exertion relating to sports and exercise can experience fluid loss during these activities which may be detrimental to the body. It can also affect how the body recovers in order to continue to perform at peak performance. To help aid the body in this fluid loss, many youth have set aside the water bottle and pick up the “energy drink” which they think helps them perform miracles as a result of consuming it.

According to an article by the University of Alabama School of Nursing, “Energy drinks are attractive and readily available in every grocery store and gas station. While most youth verbalize an understanding that too much caffeine is bad for one’s health, at an age of multiple demands, an over-the-counter offer of increased energy and alertness is hard to ignore. Although the heavily caffeinated drinks promise increased energy and stamina and are loaded with healthy natural ingredients, excessive consumption is of concern on many levels.”

We have heard and seen the effects of energy drinks on our youth. From heart attacks to death, these drinks have caused uproar in the medical community. The drinks are full of sugar, caffeine and other ingredients that claim to boost energy and endurance. The National Institute of Health National Library of Medicine is full of research that dispels myths about how these energy drinks are healthy for our youth. As parents or educators, be careful about what you are giving youth to consume. Advise them of the dangers of youth consuming these harmful drinks, and stress the importance of drinking water as a means to stay hydrated.

If we educate now, we will be able to touch a multitude of youth. If we are successful, we can reduce the probability of youth becoming obese from energy drinks and damaging their bodies with unnecessary caffeine intake, a habit that could lead to serious heart problems.

Youth can replenish their energy through water, fruit, nuts and veggies. Remember water is the key.

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