Eating healthy on a budget

Good food for low cost.

Preparing healthy food and staying within your budget does not have to be a challenge. Follow these healthy food budgeting tips as suggested by Michigan State University Extension.

Eating at home will prevent excess spending. Always plan ahead before you shop. Plan meals out for the whole week then make a grocery list and never shop hungry. This will help you avoid buying unnecessary items on a whim that may not fit your budget. It is very important to stick to the list and avoid impulse items as it may not only affect your budget, but high-fat, low nutrient purchases may possibly affect your health. is a great interactive way to plan out your list. Another interactive site is, with sample menus and information that will assist with healthy eating on a budget.

When at the store, buy sale items and generic store brands. Store brands often cost less than name brand items. If you are buying frozen vegetables buy them without added sauces or butter. They are just as good for you as fresh produce and can cost far less. Buy in bulk and then make your own single serving packs at home.

For more information on healthy, food budgeting contact your local MSU Extension office.

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