Eat healthy – even on a budget

Eating healthy on doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

There are times where food prices skyrocket either due to the rollercoaster gas prices or because of where the food is being shipped. During these times, some of us can’t enjoy the foods we want due to the high prices. 

Here are some tips on how to eat healthy while being on a budget:

  • Plan ahead
    This means to plan out a menu, possibly as far out as a month ahead, so you know exactly what you need at the store to prevent having to make multiple trips.
  • Buy in bulk
    If you have something you cook a lot of, buy it in bulk. Bulk is cheaper than the small portions. You can always bag or freeze products you aren’t currently using.
  • Occasionally substitute beans for meat
    Sometimes you don’t always need meat, which is more expensive than beans. Be creative and create a meal out of beans.
  • Grow your own food
    If you have large pots or some space in your yard, plant your own vegetables. This will prevent you from spending money at the store on the same products.
  • Eat seasonally
    Eat foods that are in season. If you eat foods that are in season, they are usually cheaper. You can always buy what is in season and preserve it. Out-of-season foods are often very expensive and sometimes aren’t worth the extra money.
  • Preserve food when in season
    Buy food in bulk and preserve it because you can enjoy it later – and all at a lower cost.
  • Invest in a local co-op
    Sometimes you may want to invest in a co-op which you pay a flat fee for; when it is harvest time, you relax and reap the benefits of the crops.
  • Invest in a Sunday paper
    If you buy a Sunday paper you can take advantage of the coupons that are published in them. This definitely helps you save money on your total grocery bill. Remember to be a savvy shopper and look for deals in the store.

These are only eight ideas – get together with friends and family, and learn from their tips, tricks and insights.

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