Drink water for hydration and health

Water is required for optimal health and body functions, resiliency and care

With record heat and summer humidity, it is more important than ever to focus on hydrating our bodies.  Thinking about what we are drinking will improve our health and the way we feel.

Water is essential for optimal blood flow. The illustration has been made that blood with insufficient water is sticky and slow moving like corn syrup. This is difficult for kidneys to filter and forces our system to work hard and less efficient.

Water gives us energy. When our blood is flowing well our brains have the fluid needed for alertness and clear thought. We will feel less tired.

Water has no added sugar or sodium. Water is fantastic for diabetics and those watching high blood pressure because zero is the best number of grams!

Water consumption can improve joint function. Good blood flow helps with ankles, hips, elbows and shoulder movement. Even minor back pain can be relieved. Cushioning our joints with water allows them to work optimally.

You are constantly losing water through breathing, execration and sweating.  Replenishing water in your system is vital. To increase your water consumption try:

  • Drinking ice-cold or refrigerated water
  • Drinking water at each meal and with snacks
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which have high water content, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and peaches
  • Carry a travel cup for refilling while out and about

So have six to eight glasses of water a day your body will say “Cheers”!

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