Cyberchase toolkit for healthy living programs

Help navigate youth through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming using the Cyberchase toolkit.

Cyberchase toolkit for healthy living programs

As we look at innovative ways to get youth involved in exploring different ways to learn, Cyberchase is one that does exactly that. Cyberchase is geared towards a classroom setting, but has some components that work great for healthy living programs and in 4-H clubs. This toolkit is for youth 6-11 and most of the programming is geared toward STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities. This is also a show that is aired on PBS during the day. The Cyberchase toolkit uses clips from the show as well as activities related to the clips and incorporates fun activities to motivate youth to learn in a fun and exciting way.

There are two main focuses of the lessons: healthy kids and healthy planet. The toolkit uses STEM topics by using solar power, natural environments, healthy meals, being active and more to convey the message for healthy kids, healthy planet. The toolkit also contains video clips, lesson plans, posters and graphics, all handouts required for the lesson plans, extra games and curriculum activities for particular grade levels. It also contains a Step It Up! Program guide for tracking steps.

This toolkit is great and doable for 4-H clubs that want to learn more about these topic areas, all while doing STEM projects to achieve their goal. The toolkit is user-friendly and easy for leaders and teen teachers to understand with very little work to create activities. The toolkit also contains printable logos, graphics and posters, which are perfect if you want to post visuals around you classroom or club area.

If you would like to learn more about the Cyberchase toolkit or would like one for your program, contact me at 517-432-7618 while supplies last. Remember, 4-H grows here.

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