Crop protection pre-harvest intervals for sugarbeets

Pre-harvest intervals of sugarbeets following applications of crop protection fungicides can range from zero to 21 days

When determining timing of sugarbeet fields for harvest, producers need to take into consideration the pre-harvest intervals (PHI) of fungicides that have been applied. Fields should not be harvested sooner than specified on the label. This will ensure the integrity of the crop and that no above-tolerance residues will exist. Pre-harvest intervals are stated under “Use Directions for Specific Crops” on the label.

When controlling Cercospora leaf spot, adjust your crop protection fungicide based on projected harvest time for a given field. For fields that are to be harvested early, a fungicide that will not violate the PHI must be used. In Michigan, it is recommended that leaf spot be controlled season long. Sugarbeet fields to be harvested after October 15 may warrant a fungicide application as late as September 15. Generally after this date, weather conditions usually do not favor disease development.

The following is a list of common fungicides for sugarbeets and PHI days.

  • Inspire XT, Gem SC, and Super Tin are 21 days.
  • Eminent, Enable, Penncozeb, Dithane, and Manzate are 14 days.
  • Headline and Proline are 7 days.
  • Kocide 3000 has no PHI.

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