Create the next generation of entrepreneurs by celebrating National Entrepreneurship week

Empower entrepreneurial thinking with these fun activities.

Celebrate the heritage of entrepreneurship in America during the seventh annual National Entrepreneur Week, Feb. 16-23, 2013. National Entrepreneurship week is sponsored by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. This year’s theme is “Entrepreneurial Literacy EMPOWERS everyone.”

This week is an opportunity to thank entrepreneurs for their contributions, innovations, economic vision and for building prosperity across America. Is there someone in your community that is an advocate for entrepreneurial education, has met a social need, has strong entrepreneurial values, and/or contributes to the local economy? Show appreciation for their hard work and investment by nominating a local entrepreneur to be featured on the National Entrepreneurship Week National Honor Roll web page. But don’t just stop there; feature your entrepreneurial hero in local publicity and invite them to your program, event or school.

National Entrepreneurship Week is also an opportunity to engage community members in a conversation about how to increase entrepreneurial literacy among all. Thinking outside the box, solving problems creatively and developing basic business sense benefits the employer, employee, student and community. Expand your entrepreneurial mindset by engaging others in the “20 questions for all Americans,” created by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

Any organization, school, college or business can sponsor an event during National Entrepreneurship Week. Another way to increase entrepreneurial literacy among all is by sponsoring a community “Ask the Entrepreneur” program. Here, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to showcase their business while at the same time sharing their expertise with attendees. According to a recent Gallup poll, opportunities to learn and develop connections with experienced business owners are what many students have indicated are missing in their local schools. Creating an entrepreneurial networking opportunity might just be what is needed to spur a new partnership and/ or mentorship. For a list of other unique ideas, contests and activities to plan, check out

Michigan State University Extension also has many tools to increase entrepreneurial literacy and resources to support National Entrepreneurship Week. Adult workshops such as Cottage Food Law, Road to Independence and Fast Trak New Venture Curriculum are taught by MSU Extension entrepreneurial experts throughout the year. Youth entrepreneurship programs are also offered across the state through Michigan 4-H.

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