Corn earworm in sweet corn trapping map – July 15-22, 2013

First generation corn earworm activity is down in Michigan.

See the map below for corn earworm activity in pheromone traps for the third week of July 2013.

Corn earworm trapping map
Number on map represents the number of corn earworms caught in pheromone traps in the third week of July 2013. Each number is the total number of moths caught in a week in a single trap placed near a sweet corn field.

To learn more about corn earworm biology, trapping and management, read the Michigan State University Extension article “Corn earworm activity is beginning in Michigan sweet corn fields” from 2012. The only recent change to this article is that any number of corn earworms caught in the pheromone trap signals the beginning of the spray program, if the field has fresh silk. Please check MSUE bulletin E-312 for more information on insecticides registered in sweet corn. Remember, that if the silks have turned brown in the field where your corn earworm trap is, it means that its time to move the trap close to a field that has fresh silk.

Dr. Szendrei’s work is funded in part by MSU‘s AgBioResearch.

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