Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference focus on youth

Learn and share best practices to empower our youth to become “entrepreneurial” at the upcoming Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference in October 2015.

Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference focus on youth

How does a community engage young people in entrepreneurship? Building tomorrow’s entrepreneurs is essential to growing our economy. According to the latest Small Business Administration data available, Michigan is home to 856,682 small businesses employing 1,755, 901 workers. In an effort to increase this number, “Youth as Entrepreneurs” is one of five tracks offered at the fourth annual Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference (CEC) provided by Michigan State University Extension. This conference will be held at two locations in 2015: Houghton/Hancock Oct. 7-8 and Sturgis Oct. 21-22. At each conference, a number of breakout sessions will look at innovative ways that can be used to infuse youth entrepreneurship into your community. The following are short descriptions of just a few.

Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers: Houghton/Hancock only

This presentation will focus on our proven process to reach precollege students (grades 4‐12) through our high‐impact festivals which attract the attention of all students through a large variety of “WOW!” factor, hands‐on demonstrations.

Creating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Sturgis and Houghton/Hancock

Curriculum, resources and innovative programs that engage youth in hands-on learning about business creation will be shared.

Home Grown Youth Entrepreneurship: Developing Community Youth Entrepreneurship Programs: Houghton/Hancock only

Hear the story of how a community partnership developed the resources and has been able to build a local youth entrepreneurship program in Delta County.

The Value of Young Professionals for Community Success: Sturgis and Houghton/Hancock

We will discuss the value of the young professional to the community, the importance of retaining, attracting and engaging this group of your population, and discuss how quality of life drives attraction and attraction drives retention, thus driving long-term viability, relevance and success for communities who embrace the value of young professionals.

Why NOT Youth Councils of Commerce? Sturgis and Houghton/Hancock

Learn how Youth Councils of Commerce could provide a peer‐to‐peer group opportunity to high school students interested in building their own business. Youth council development strategies will also be shared.

Youth Business Guide to Success (YBGS): Sturgis only

Aligned with national education standards, Youth Business Guide to Success shows young people how market animal projects open the door to starting a business and viewing the world of animal science and agribusiness as a career option.

Dual Enrollment Programs: How to Develop Young Entrepreneurs in Your Community: Sturgis only

Generation E Institute will share the work they are doing with community colleges and career tech centers to establish dual enrollment programs for those students with a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in your club, school, church or community. Register at the Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference 2015 Event page.