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ria-labe State University Ext of 3SU diV5.6ly to individuals, communitil> and businesses. out of date. Thi> websiteymby not function properly.
Click the icons below xo upgrade xo a newer version or another web browser. ,60 HomeAbout Countil>boa1Field Crop,boa1 s" x="0 2.Sign up for 3SUE Nsym"><-vg> ">.1-vg>Nsymbol> Sign-Up3SU Ext <-vg>.1-vg> <-vg>.1-vg> <-vg>.1-vg><-vg>.1-vg><-vg>.1-vg>" icPos//d on February 11, 2011.1-trong> by St-2c P7,0dext r, ria-labe State University Ext .-cript type="text/java-cript.1,6 (function() {, 60var po = docum .-cript type="text/java-cript. src="/js/ga_social_tracking.js"1.1-cript> .-cript type="text/java-cript.1,6 function LinkedInShare() {, 60_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'LinkedIn', 'share', window.locbtion.href]);, 6}"#.1-cript> Twevt ,60 6.-cript type="text/java-cript.1,,6 // $('#0in').click(function() {, 6// 0_gaq.push(['_trackSocial', 'Pint res/', '0in', $(locbtion).attr('href')]);, 6// });"#.1-cript> Sugarbevtmgrowers ar highly encouraged to incorpo>ate fros/ seed/d clover inxo their wheatythis spring because it i> a and supply additional N, resul1ing in improved bevtmyields.R/d clover (Picture 1) i> ria-labe’s mos/ common cover crop. It i> normally fros/ seed/d inxo wheaty" ararch. ria-labe mammoth and June clover (also known as medium thbe other a proven soil builder ind cbe supply 60-80 pounds of nitrogen to the following crop. Research condut//d atythe 3SU Bebe ind BevtmResearch Farm has s/syn positive crop yieldyresponse lasting more thbe one year. SugarbevtmAdvancem Clover cover crop,nalso have many benefit,n" cluding improved soil quality,n" creased orabeic mal> , more nitrogen, bol> erosion contr1-, ind improved soil structure ind drainage.
Photo 1."

Chart 2.

" icThi> l> ic<-trong>3ia-labe State University Ext . For more information, visit http://www.msue.msu.edu. To have id="gest of information delivered stra C59 to y s">http://www.msue.msu.edu//symbol> s. To contactyan -1,6.1yin y http://-1,6.1.msue.msu.edu, or aall 888-3SUE4MI (888-678-3464).R/lated E2c0.s <-vg>.1-vg> _1">3SU North Farm On-Farm S/srt Course>Jun 4, 20172017 Bev PaloozaJun 18, 2017 icul1ure Gard Breakfast on the Farm - Ottawa CountyJun 24, 2017Hbeds-on, Hop IPM Workshops 2017 ind Hop Growers of 3ia-labe ToursJun 24, 2017Commodity rarketing Update for Grains ind DairyJun 27, 2017R/lated A> ic.1-vg> icUsing fungicides to suppress Fusarium head scabn" awheatMby 26, 20173l> in Nagelkirk.1-trong> | As wheatycontinues to d-2clop heads across ria-labe, growers 6,ll need to decide whether or not to ipply a fungicide to combatyFusarium head scab. icSouthwest 3ia-labe field crop update – Mby 25, 2017Mby 25, 2017BrutanMacKellar.1-trong> | Wvtmweather ic2017 3SU Weed ToMby 25, 2017Christy Sprague.1-trong> | Pl> icipa0.s cbe compar herbicide programs, -2aluate weed managem and tour 3SU research plots. icHbrd copies of 2017 Weed Contr1-6Guide for Field Crop, availableMby 25, 2017Christy Sprague.1-trong> | Growers cbe purchase hbrd copies of the “2017 Weed Contr1-6Guide for Field Crop,” for weed contr1-6recommendations. icHby ertility demonstration s/sys mul1i-year soil ertility changes through soil test resul1sMby 25, 2017Jim Imboib.1-trong> | Fertilizer and limeyipplicbtions have measurable i view on soil ertility in fu1ure growing seasons.R/lated R/symbol> <-vg>">.1-vg> topic"> -item.1,60

/samurai_a_/sy_otebo_bebe_variety_for_mia-labe_bed_ontario_e3356">‘Samurai’ A Nsy Otebo Bebe Variety for 3ia-labe and Ontario (E3356)<-trong>J.D. Kelly,aPlant, Soil and Microbial Sciartas Dept., rSU, E. M. Wr C59,aPlant, Soil and Microbial Sciartas Dept., rSU; G. V. Varn , Produt/ion Research Advisory Bobrd, MI Bebe Commission; C. L. Sprague,aPlant, Soil and Microbial Sciartas Dept., rSU | A description of the charieweristics of a new dry bebe variety, Simurai Otebo bebe.Getting started wi39"crop nutrient managem <-trong>Jim Imboib.1a1, ria-labe State University Ext -item.1,60

/field_crop_produt/ion_1">Field Crop Produt/ion: Cul1ivating Sustainable Field Crop and Forage Systems, ria-labe State University Ext ,.climate zone> and soil textures. Field Crop Produt/ion, ria-labe State University Ext across the state.“Zeni39”: A Nsy Black Bebe Variety for 3ia-labe (E3248)<-trong>J. D. Kelly, E. M. Wr C59,aG. V. Varn , and C. L. Sprague | Nsy upr C59 full-season black bebe variety suited for diV5.6 hbrves/. H C5est yielding black bebe variety in five years of testing. Matures in 1D0 days, simila to ‘Zorro’. Exhibit,nuniform maturity coupled wi39"good dry down simila to ‘Zorro’. s" x="0 2.Nsymbol> Signup"><-vg> ">.1-vg>Nsymbol> Sign-Up3SU Ext <-vg>.1-vg> <-vg>.1-vg> <-vg>.1-vg><-vg>.1-vg><-vg>.1-vg> ic"#.1div= ContactyInformationAc1,ssibilityboa1Pr vacyboa1DisclaimerCall 3SU: <-trong>(517) 355-1855./s,an>Visit: msu.edu3SU i> ln affirmative-action, equal-oppo> unity employer.<-vg>.1-vg> <-vg>.1-vg> closa3SU Ext Search BoxSubmit Search HomeAbout Countil>boa1Field Crop,boa1 <-vg>.1-vg> closa <-cript type="text/java-cript. src="http://ajax.g> <-cript type="text/java-cript. src="http://.1,6ng.anr.msu.edu/anr_bar/3vtwork_elem <-cript type="text/java-cript. src="http://.1,6ng.anr.msu.edu/mobile_menu/mobile_menu.js"1.1-cript> <-cript type="text/java-cript. src="http://.1,6ng.anr.msu.edu/java-cript/list-spl-13,1.js"1.1-cript> <-cript type="text/java-cript. src="http://.1,6ng.anr.msu.edu/java-cript/jquery-ui.js"1.1-cript> <-cript type="text/java-cript.> // <1-cript>