Clare County Leadership Institute

Participants learn what their “Real Color” is when dealing with personality.

It takes great leadership to create thriving and prosperous communities, and Michigan State University Extension works with and supports community leaders to help them strengthen their leadership capacity. MSU Extension teaches skills to leaders who want to transform their communities and better prepare them for the future, through the Sustaining Community Prosperity Leadership and Community Engagement team. 

One local leadership program, the Clare County Leadership Institute, began its new year in September with 12 participants. The program is designed to familiarize potential leaders within the community with potential leadership roles, learn how to be a good leader and more. The program is also designed to teach participants how to work collaboratively and in teams.

In order to strengthen the “teamwork” section, the group spent time learning about personality styles through the Real Colors personality preference training, led by myself. This personality assessment is easy to understand and remember. With colors of blue, gold, green and orange, it condenses elaborate concepts of personality theory into a user-friendly, practical tool that can foster healthy, productive relationships. This helps people learn to recognize, accept and value the differences in others while improving their own understanding, empathy and communication.”

One participant explained what they found most valuable; “The difference between each color and how important it is to have each color on a team!” Real Colors has been one of the most popular presentations in the Clare County Leadership Institute. It is presented each program year and the participants continue to refer to their “color” throughout the entire program. “Just understanding one’s own personality type has helped our participants to be more sensitive to other personality types and it helps them understand themselves as well,” explains Kathy Methner, Clare County Leadership Institute Facilitator.

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