Celebrate Money Smart Week with Michigan State University Extension

Free programs for adults and teens on personal finance are offered April 20-27.

Celebrate Money Smart Week, April 20-27, with Michigan State University Extension where free programs for adults and teens on personal finance are offered throughout the state. Money Smart Week was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002 as a public awareness campaign to provide consumers with educational opportunities to increase their financial literacy. Hundreds of organizations across the nation including schools, universities, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and businesses reach out to consumers to provide tools and strategies to stretch and increase their spending power.

Participating in Money Smart Week is easy and fun! You can find a class in your community by searching the online database at http://www.moneysmartweek.org/. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend a program in person, there are numerous resources online covering topics such as preventing identity theft, guides to credit cards, shopping for a bank account, and money matters for teens and families. The young sports enthusiast can play financial football or financial soccer and challenge their friends in these online financial games. There is even a game for young children called “Peter Pig’s Money Counter” where children can learn how to save and count change. If you are a teacher or youth development worker interested in financial literacy, there are resources for you too. Money Smart Week also is using social media to get the message out about events, resources, tools and tips. You can like them on Facebook, read their money smart u blog, or participate in their Money Smart Scavenger Hunt and compete for prizes.

MSU Extension offers unique programs throughout the state during Money Smart Week and year round. “Be a Money Smarty” program is offered throughout Southeast Michigan where four recognized experts share their top 40 tips in just 40 minutes on credit, identity theft, retirement planning, annuities and long term care insurance. Teens can get a taste of the adult world with “Mad City Money”, a hands-on simulation, complete with jobs, income, family and debt held in Macomb County on April 27, at 4-H Exploration Days in East Lansing in June and at 4-H Mentoring Weekend in Tustin in July.

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