Celebrate health with National Soyfoods Month

Soyfoods are bursting with essential nutrients. Try these easy and delicious ways to incorporate soyfoods into your diet.

Celebrate health for all with soyfoods during April – National Soyfoods Month. Individuals with special dietary needs, such as lactose intolerance, or others just wanting to provide a healthy meal for their family will find soyfoods a good match for their diet.

Soyfoods deliver health benefits regardless of age or gender. The essential nutrients in soyfoods boost growth and development, and whether you are interested in being more heart healthy, wanting to lose weight or seeking healthful snacks, soyfoods can fit into every lifestyle.

Soyfoods contain no cholesterol, little or no saturated fat, high quality protein and dietary fiber. Many also provide B vitamins, vitamins A and D, calcium, iron and potassium.

Research has demonstrated many potential health benefits are associated with the consumption of soyfoods. For example, soy protein may help to reduce the risk of heart disease, while soyfoods also show promise for relieving menopausal symptoms, maintaining healthy bones and preventing some cancers.

With the wide range of soyfood products available, incorporating more soy into your day becomes easy. Consider trying one new product a week for a month or check out a new recipe.

Week 1: Serve soy burgers, soy hotdogs, or “chicken” style patties for lunch or dinner, or use the burger crumbles as an alternative to ground beef

Week 2: Buy a container of soy milk and use it in a smoothie, or mix it into muffins, pancakes or soup as an alternative to milk

Week 3: Buy a can of soybeans and use them in chili or soup, or try frozen green soybeans, edamame, as a snack

Week 4: Buy a box of tofu and puree it for a dessert, dip or dressing, or cube it and add it to stir-fry

Purchasing and consuming soyfoods is a great way to support your health and Michigan agriculture. The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee represents the soybean producers in the state and funds soybean research and educational efforts. For more information visit the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee.

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