Celebrate Family and Consumer Sciences Day by “Dining In”

The 3rd annual “Dine In” with us day will be held Dec. 3, 2016.

In 2015, more than 125,000 people committed to preparing and eating a healthy meal together on Dec. 3. The third annual Family & Consumer Sciences Day, launched by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), has set a goal of 200,000 “dining in” commitments. Dec. 3 was chosen as Family & Consumer Sciences Day to honor AAFCS Founder Ellen Swallow Richards, the first female graduate of MIT.

Family & Consumer Sciences Day calls attention to something simple families can do to be physically, mentally and financially healthier—prepare and eat a nutritious meals together.

Get involved by doing any of the following:
  • Go to www.aafcs.org/FCSday and commit to “Dining In” on Dec. 3.
  • Prepare and eat a healthy meal with you family on Dec. 3. Get some delicious and quick meal ideas from Michigan State University Extension.
  • Take a photo of your family preparing a healthy meal and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using #FCSday and #healthyfamselfie.
  • Change your Facebook profile photo to the I’m “Dining In” logo.
  • Wear an I’m “Dining In” sticker, they are free from www.aafcs.org/FCSday.
  • Ask your friends and family to “Dine In.”
  • Pin your favorite family meal recipes to a “Dining In” Pinterest board.
  • Follow AAFCS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for ideas and updates.
  • Share AAFCS social media posts or create your own posts about family mealtime.
  • Visit www.aafcs.org/FCSday for more way to get involved and access resources.
What is the Field of Family & Consumer Sciences?

According to AAFCS, Family and consumer sciences (FCS) draws from broad and diverse disciplines to develop and provide content and programs that help individuals become more effective critical thinkers and problem solvers. Through discovery and delivery of research-based knowledge, FCS professionals help individuals and families develop essential skills to successfully live and work in a complex world. Professionals in the field are uniquely qualified to speak on many critical issues affecting individuals and families, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, wisely managing personal and family finances as well as creating supportive relationships with family members, friends and co-workers. They are located nationwide in a variety of practice settings, including secondary schools, universities, government agencies and businesses. Find a family and consumer science instructor or educator in your county by visiting Michigan State University Extension.

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