Business start-up assistance from MSU Product Center

Start a food enterprise in Michigan with assistance from the Michigan State University Product Center.

Food businesses seem to be all the rage lately. The idea of taking family recipes and putting them into production has become a large trend in the recent years. It is a good time to take your recipes and make it into a business. Michigan State University Product Center and Michigan State University Extension can help food entrepreneurs get their business up and running.

Starting a business is hard work. Starting a business in food production is even harder. Entrepreneur must understand that food business requires licensing, inspections, food safety plans, product labels, packaging and transportation of the finished product, among other concerns. There are also many special regulations and rules to keep the food safe for human consumption.

The MSU Product Center has employed 11 innovation counselors from all across Michigan. These innovation counselors work with food entrepreneurs to assist their clients in producing their products. A few business steps that they can assist with include nutrition facts labels, pH testing, process authority, HACCP planning, label reviews and other food-related topics.

The MSU Product Center works with food entrepreneurs in a one-to-one counseling format so the food entrepreneur gets the most out of the encounter. One example of counseling work the MSU Product Center assists with would be working directly with entrepreneurs who are under the cottage food law to get into a commercial kitchen space and begin production. Some of the work may involve pH testing on salsa type products and to assisting food entrepreneurs in recipe design.

It is easy for a food entrepreneur to access the MSU Product Center. Simply visit their website and an Innovation Counselor will contact you to begin assisting you in your food endeavor.

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