Brandywine High School seniors have resumes that rock

Use resources to make a difference in the lives of high school seniors and their future preparation.

Seventy-four seniors at Brandywine High School, located in Niles, Michigan, have learned how to create and edit their resumes with help from Michigan State University Extension staff. On February 6, 2015, local 4-H Program Coordinator Elaine McKee, along with Career Exploration and Workforce Preparation Team members Deb Barrett and Janice Zerbe, spent the day working with the senior class. We collaborated with Sandy Asmus, one of the Transition Coordinators from Berrien RESA, to plan two 50-minute sessions about writing resumes.

Brandywine is one of Michigan’s high schools that use Career Cruising to monitor student Educational Development Plans, their classes, job and career interests and more. Career Cruising also has a resume-building component.

Our objectives for working with the seniors included that the students would:

  • Understand what a resume is and how it is used in the working world
  • Understand the resume writing process
  • Be able to identify the components of a resume
  • Be able to identify the basic do’s and don’ts of writing resumes
  • Have a completed resume that may be turned in as a class project and/or that could be critiqued by peers or teachers

During the first meeting with students we discussed:

  • Why create a resume and how are they used in the world of work?
  • The resume writing process
  • Contents of a Resume
  • Do’s and don’ts of resume writing
  • How to start entering and editing content in Career Cruising Resume Builder

Our second meeting will take place soon and will include:

  • Resume styles
  • How to enter resume contents in Career Cruising Resume Builder

The goal will be for each student to have a completed resume at the end of the session to turn in as an assignment and/or to have critiqued by the teacher and/or peers, with a provided critique sheet.

Michigan 4-H has a variety of resources available to help staff and volunteers working with young people on resuming writing. Visit the career preparation section of our web site to explore the materials.

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