Apples, apples, apples!

Where do I find Michigan apples?

Apples, apples, apples! They have arrived in full force in Michigan for fall 2013. Never mind that we couldn’t find too many Michigan apples in 2012. That memory is long in the distance due to the great spring, summer and fall weather Michigan has had. Michigan apple trees are loaded with apples this year!

How can Michigan consumers get their hands on Michigan-grown apples? Michigan State University Extension can help you find the apples right for your family.

The first choice is certainly getting to an apple orchard in Michigan and either picking or buying apples directly from the farmer that grew them. This is usually a great experience to learn how apples are grown, meet your apple-grower and choose a variety of apples. You can find orchards at

Next, check out the farmers markets in your area. Most farmers markets have orchards represented and there is still time in most areas to visit your local farmers market. Find a local market at Michigan Farmers Market Association.

Many farms directly sell their produce like apples from their farm stand business. Find a farm stand at

There are many specialty markets that are sourcing locally-grown apples from Michigan orchards. You can make a trip to many specialty grocery stores in southeast Michigan.

Finally, you can find Michigan apples at many of the larger chain grocery stores. The signage has improved at supermarkets so you know where your food is coming from and for several of these grocery stores they are actually telling you who their farmers are. 

Once you find Michigan apples how do you choose the best apple for you? In Michigan, farmers grow a variety of apples: for pie, for eating from your hand, applesauce, cider, hard cider, and many other uses. How you will use the apple should determine the variety that you purchase. Most apple growers can guide you in the variety that you need. Apple tastes vary from tart to sweet so make sure you select the right apple for the use you have in mind. The Michigan Apple Committee has a great chart to help you choose.

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