AgrAbility celebrates 25 years of assistance to farmers with limiting health issues

The national conference in Colorado will feature a celebration of the organization’s 25 years of helping people with disabilities stay productive in agriculture.

The AgrAbility program has helped thousands of American farmers and ranchers continue their agricultural operations even though they have health limitations stemming from the loss of limbs, arthritis, back pain and other disabilities. The program is hosting a workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado to allow AgrAbility staff, rural professionals, farmers/ranchers and farmer veterans to interact with and learn from each other about various technologies and methods to assist agricultural producers to continue their farming and ranching operations even though they may have a physical health limitation. In Michigan, the AgrAbility program, which is a partnership between Michigan State University Extension and Michigan Easter Seals funded by a grant from USDA, provided assistance to over 100 farmers in 2015. 

In addition to learning from each other, they will be celebrating 25 years of AgrAbility’s accomplishments and advancements in agriculture which include numerous technologies to assist agricultural producers as well as providing alternative methods to performing tasks that would be difficult or impossible with the limitations of the individual producer. 

Keynote speakers at the April 11-14 conference include Temple Grandin, a nationally renowned professor of animal science at Colorado State University who was diagnosed with autism as a child, and Amberley Snyder, a motivational speaker who began barrel racing again after she was paralyzed in a car accident. If you are interested in attending you may register online

In addition, Michigan AgrAbility will host a regional conference on assistive technologies in Frankenmuth on Aug. 8-10 which will include discussions, demonstrations, and field visits. More information about this conference will shortly be available on our website.

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