A plethora of pre-college programs offered by MSU

Michigan State University pre-college programs collectively prepare youth for successful transition to higher education and careers which is good for students and good for Michigan.

Michigan State University (MSU) departments collectively offer more than 50 pre-college programs designed to educate middle school and high school students. These programs advance knowledge and transform the lives of youth by helping them prepare academically and socially for higher education, careers and life as an adult. This benefits Michigan’s workforce development and long-range economic impact.

MSU pre-college programs feature a wealth of diversity in terms of content and target audiences, but all share a mutual dedication to young people. Regardless of the specific program content, all MSU pre-college programs are:

  • Designed to educate pre-college-age students
  • Offered and delivered by MSU faculty and staff or under the guidance of MSU representatives
  • Intense in their level of content and number of intentional contact hours
  • Purposeful in exposing students to potential careers and academic programs
  • Intentional in their efforts to increase participants’ overall interest in college and building skills necessary for success

Information about the many pre-college programs offered at MSU is available on the Spartan Youth Programs web site.

Collective outcome data are presented annually in a pre-college committee report on pre-college programs using common MSU pre-college program metrics. Individual program reports are also available using a common one-page format. The report data clearly show that MSU pre-college programs provide education and skills that meet the needs of the students, higher education institutions and communities across Michigan.

Don’t let the young people in your life miss out! Enroll early in an MSU pre-college program that helps youth develop valuable academic and social skills, make new friends, taste college life, and get excited about going to college. Space is limited for most programs.

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