A new smartphone app is a handy resource for canning food at home

The new app offers step-by-step information and checklists for home canners who already have some experience preserving food.

A new smartphone app is a handy resource for canning food at home

There is exciting new technology to use for canning food at home! Oregon State University has recently released a new app for mobile devices for home canning. The app, “Canning Timer & Checklist” includes abbreviated checklists to guide you through the steps to successfully can at home. It is available for free for smartphones using Android or iOS. The app uses research-based recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture to provide steps for canning foods. 

The app is designed for people who have experience canning foods at home. It has checklists for canning vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. It is not designed for a first-time canner, as there are not in-depth instructions for each step. 

For in-depth instructions, the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning or the National Center for Home Food Preservation is recommended by Michigan State University Extension. Another great resource for using and preserving Michigan-grown produce is Michigan Fresh

The app is very easy to use. First, choose the type of food, the jar size, the kind of pack (raw or hot pack), what type of canner you are using (dial gauge or weighted gauge, or if applicable water bath), and your elevation. 

After your selections, a list will appear with all the steps to complete the process. As you finish each item on the list, there is a place to check it off. When every step is complete, there is a built-in timer for timing the processing in the canner. 

“Canning Timer & Checklist” is a great new tool for home canners that always keep their mobile device handy. Home canners should always use current, tested recipes to make sure your final product is safe and of good quality.  

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