A new 4-H year is set to begins

Resources to aid 4-H volunteers.

As August quickly comes to an end, September 1st marks the beginning of the  4-H club year. Michigan State Unviersitty Extension offers a range of resources for volunteer leaders to search for new resources to enhance their 4-H members’ club experience. Listed below are resources that may assist leaders as they plan club activities. Each site has a wealth of information to assit volunteers.

A national research project, Volunteer Research Knowledge Competency (VRKC) Taxonomy is a cornerstone effort that guides training and support for 4-H volunteers. The VRKC Taxonomy is expressed in six fields: Communications, Organization, 4-H Program Management, Educational Design and Delivery, Positive Youth Development, and Inter personal Skills. Each field includes a 20-30 minute lesson plan and evaluation piece. 

The 4-H study on positive youth development is another valuable resource volunteer leaders can incorporate this year.
4-H is dedicated to learning and understanding how its programs help youth become responsible citizens leading healthy and productive lives while discovering critical innovations based on various skill sets. National 4-H provides additional information on research and finds that can assist in planning club acitivites.

Still looking for more resources to implement with you club? The MSU Extension website lists upcoming events, ranging in location from the campus of Michigan State University to the Kettunen Center located in Tustin, Michigan. These events make a great addition to your planned schedule. Members will have an opportunity to learn in an out-of-class setting and explore more of Michigan’s resources. There are also a wide variety of resources to choose from on the National 4-H website. Consider brushing up on resources like  Effective Behavior Management, Vibrant 4-H Club Assessment and How Effective is your 4-H Club? Volunteers can also benefit from the professional development portion of the site. The essential elements include modules that cover key concepts, best practices, resources and activities to use with your 4-H club. The curriculum is available free online as well as by ordering a hard copy for a nominal charge.

By adding a new activities to a 4-H club agenda, members and leaders alike will have a fresh new year as they “Make the Best Better”.

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