4-H Mentoring Weekend is an exciting, educational event

4-H Mentoring Weekend provides fun and education for mentors and mentees from mentoring programs during a weekend in the summer.

Are you a mentor or a mentee in a mentoring program? If so, are you looking for a summer event to participate in with your mentor or mentee? Michigan 4-H Youth Development at Michigan State University Extension has a summer event for you called 4-H Mentoring Weekend. This weekend brings together members of the mentoring community from across Michigan for a weekend of fun, learning, laughter and memories. This event is for all mentoring programs and not just 4-H mentoring programs.

This year will be the ninth year for 4-H Mentoring Weekend at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, Michigan, and will be July 22-24, 2016. The theme is F.I.T. 4-Life (Fitness Inclusion Teamwork) with MSU Extension’s Healthy Living Work Group in the Academic Success Work Team. Mentoring programs with mentor-mentee matches who are interested in attending this event may register at: 4-H Mentoring Weekend.

Mentees are mentors are given evaluations to measure what they learned as a result of their 4-H Mentoring Weekend experience. In 2015, 44 mentees attended and 33 evaluations were returned by the mentees. When mentees were asked how they would rate 4-H Mentoring Weekend, 84 percent stated it was great and 12 percent stated it was good. They stated that their favorite part of 4-H Mentoring Weekend was (number of responses):

  • Meeting new people (19)
  • Spending time with my mentor (14)
  • Learning from the sessions (16)

Mentees stated they learned some of the following new things at 4-H Mentoring Weekend:

  • Teamwork
  • It’s very easy to have fun and learn
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Friends can be anyone
  • Cooperation

A total of 17 mentors attended the 2015 4-H Mentoring Weekend. When mentors were asked to rate their experience, 93 percent stated it was great and 7 percent stated it was good. Mentors stated that they learned some of the following things at 4-H Mentoring Weekend:

  • Always new thoughts on working with kids.
  • New ways to interact with my mentees as well as ways to teach core 4-H principles.
  • How to make butter, ice cream and make people disappear on video. Most importantly improving skills in correspondence to leadership.
  • How to be more confident dealing with my mentees.

Mentors who were returning to 4-H Mentoring Weekend gave the following reasons why they decided to return to the event:

  • First two experiences were wonderful.
  • Loved it and knew my mentee would too.
  • The fellowship, love and wonderful smiles from everyone.
  • Mentee likes it.
  • Great experience.

Check out the great things that happen at 4-H Mentoring Weekend and learn more about Michigan 4-H Mentoring on the Michigan 4-H Youth Mentoring Facebook page

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