4-H future Spartans earn the majority of MSU precollege program scholarships

Seventy-six percent of MSU precollege scholarships given by the Office of Admissions over the past decade have gone to top-notch 4-H youth aspiring to become Spartans

Michigan State University Extension and many other MSU departments offer diverse and enriching educational programs that empower and prepare teens for the rigors of higher education before they even reach college. Knowing the importance of getting young teens on the right track for college readiness, the Michigan State University Office of Admissions offers 60 precollege scholarships annually to encourage and support students who want to become Spartans.

Of the 649 precollege program scholarships given from 2004 to 2014, 76 percent (490) were awarded to 4-H participants from across the state – stretching from the western Upper Peninsula to Detroit and everywhere in between. Recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship applied to their first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student. Thus far, 95 (33 percent) of those scholarships granted to 4-H youth have been used as they entered MSU as incoming freshmen or transfer students between 2008 and 2013. As more of the scholarship recipients become college-age, this number is expected to continue to increase.

MSU Extension 4-H pre-college programs have a proven trackrecord for advancing knowledge and transforming the lives of youth by helping them prepare academically and socially for higher education, careers and life as an adult.

Responses to a recent survey that asked 4-H alumni how their 4-H program involvement influenced their transition to college, include

  •  “4-H was able to take me places where I learned about what I wanted to do with my life. 4-H Exploration Days especially allowed me to learn about creative writing and diversity and really made me want to be a Spartan! Working in my 4-H club allowed me to learn the importance of communication.”
  • “4-H has made me a strong and independent. I can easily work as a team with others, and I can teach others my skills. I attend MSU now because of how familiar and exciting it was to me, growing up in 4-H. 4-H has created many friendships that I still have today, and I have met so many people through my club. I learned to take responsibility for myself and for the younger members in my club as I grew older. 4-H has done so much for me, and I will forever be thankful for my involvement.”

Precollege program scholarship applicants must have attended an MSU precollege program during the year of application, be in 8-10 grade at the time of application and be invited to apply by the program director. Scholarship recipients are selected based on academic performance, program participation, demonstration of extracurricular activities, community service and leadership experience, resiliency and grit, potential and desire to succeed in postsecondary education, and the ability to benefit from the scholarship.

Michigan 4-H offers six precollege programs that increase participants’ overall interest in college and building skills necessary for success. These programs are, 4-H Exploration Days, 4-H Capitol Experience, 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp, 4-H Renewable Energy Camp, 4-H Animal and Veterinary Science Camp, and the Michigan 4-H Youth Conservation Council.

For information about these and other precollege programs at MSU, visit Spartan Youth Programs. You’ll find a multitude of programs that can help youth develop valuable skills – both academic and social, make new friends, taste college life, and get excited about going to college.

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