2015 In-season grape grower meeting set for June 3

Learn about pest insect life cycles and effective disease spraying during bloom at the in-season grape grower meeting, June 3 in Berrien Springs.

Michigan State University Extension will be hosting another in-season field meeting on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, from 1 p.m. until at least 4 p.m. at Lemon Creek Winery, 533 E. Lemon Creek Rd., Berrien Springs, MI 49103. Note that this date differs from the previously announced date of Tuesday, May 19.

This meeting will be held around the time of grape bloom. This is when grapevines pollinate one another by wind and set the fruit, which will spend the rest of the season developing. Bloom is the most important time of year for disease control. Shortly afterwards grape berry moths, the primary insect pest of grapevines in Michigan, begins the first generation of egg-laying on the new fruits. For these reasons, decisions made during bloom time determine much of the success or failure of a vineyard and its crop for the year.

There will be lectures on pest insect life cycles and effective disease spraying during bloom. From the meeting location, we will also be traveling by van to one or two additional farm sites in the area, where some innovative grape growers will be showing off novel horticultural practices for wine grapes. Attendees should come dressed for the weather and expect the meeting to last most of the afternoon.

Both experienced and new grape growers are encouraged to attend and bring questions and production issues for your fellow growers and for MSU researchers. There will be no charge for this meeting, and three Restricted Use Pesticide credits will be available for pesticide applicators. An informal hospitality will follow at Lemon Creek. Attendees should register online beforehand at the Southwest Grape 2015 Bloom Meeting registration page or by calling 269-944-1477.

Future in-season grape production programming for 2015 will include: Viticulture Field Day on Wednesday, July 30, at the Southwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center, and an in-field demonstration in Van Buren County on Aug. 18 (time and location to be announced).

MSU Grape IPM programming for 2015 is funded in part by the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council.

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